About Us

Filipinos have this innate desire to please our loved ones and one common manifestation is the tradition of bringing "pasalubong" for family and friends. Childhood memories of "anak" waiting for "tatay" or "nanay" carrying that "balot o supot" in hand are etched in the minds of us "young once". The young ones now may be more familiar with the fast food lifestyle, but nostalgia aside, there is wisdom in having our little ones enjoy our authentic Filipino sweets, delicacies and "pasalubong" treats.

SITSIRYA Sari-Sariwhich began in 2001, ensures that this tradition lives on by bringing to you the best pasalubong, the Islands have to offer.

Simply put,"We treat you with memories".

Company Core Values

1.  Spirituality - God-centered.
2.  Nationalism - Filipino economic networking, proactive advocacy.
3.  Family Relationships - Caring, concerned, nurturing.
4.  Personal - Honesty, integrity, industry, empowered, team-oriented.
5.  Customer satisfaction - through product quality and service excellence.



To be one of the leading sources of good quality Philipine-made sweets, delicacies and "pampasalubong" products, at reasonable prices.


1. Provide various select Philippine manufacturers direct distribution links to local and international markets.
2. Pass on to consumers the savings brought about by our short and direct product distribution system.
3. Let our customers enjoy the convenience of choosing from an assortment of products coming from different provinces. Literally, a one-stop-shop of delights!
4. Provide income opportunities to entities or wholesalers who are interested in distributing our quality products.