Certified Gold

"Certified Gold, Admired Brand is the Philippines’ beacon and 
gold seal of branding excellence. 
The Organization promotes the positive values of branding 
and pays tribute to exceptional and finest brands.
The Certified Gold seal aims to inspire other brands 
to succeed in delivering excellent and innovative brands 
to their patrons. 
Sitsirya Sari-Sari was first awarded the Certified Gold seal
in early 2011, and we have maintained the Quality standards 
required to maintain this Seal of Branding Excellence."

What's New?

The "Sitsirya Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox". 
The simple, convenient, and presentable way to have
your chosen set of Filipino sweets and delicacies.
Give joy to your loved ones; wherever they may be. 
Bring home Sitsirya sweet memories, today!

The Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox is:

1. Convenient, hassle-free, gift-giving through assorted sets.
2. Includes a wide variety of pasalubong Favorites
3. Ensured top-quality products included in the set
4. A gift enjoyed by the recipient and the giver, appreciated and remembered.
5. Ideal for a year-round, multi-purpose give-away.
The 'Sitsirya Balikbayan Pasalubong Handybox' is Free, 
when you purchase recommended product sets.
Visit our Company outlets to see other recommended product sets.

Sample Product set:

1. Pastillas de Leche Jumbo 30s
2. Mango Empanada, box 
3. Pili Tart 24s, box
4. 6 Mix Box (sampler)
5. Cashew Marzipan 30s, Box
6. Pastillas Bars 48s, box
7. Pili Nuts box ( Crispy or Roasted)
8. Mazapan De Pili Bites, box
9. Flavored Pili Nuts (pouch)
10. Tablea 12s/pack (Sweetened or Pure)


Additional - OPTIONS:

1. Assorted Pastillas 36s
2. Casuy Box
3. Premium Pusit Box
4. Premium Dilis Box
5. Barquiron
6. Polvoron box (Assorted, Peanut, Pinipig or Cookies & Cream)
7. Macapuno Tart 10s, box
8. Pili Tart 10s, box
9. Yema Tart 10s, box
10. Tamarind Balls box (Sweet, Spicy or Salted)